Topper’s IAS has been founded by Ritesh Kumar Singh with the ambition to help student clear civil services examination with sociology optional. Topper’s IAS is exclusively for Sociology Optional teaching, which include regular Sociology Classroom Course, Sociology Crash Course and Sociology Test Series for UPSC Mains.

We, at Topper’s IAS, believe that each Individual Aspirant is unique and requires Individual Guidance and Care. We prepare students keeping in mind his or her strength and weakness. This intense focus on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses is at the core of our Sociology Optional Courses and has been the single most crucial factor in helping many of our students to achieve unprecedented success.

For us, at Topper’s IAS, STUDENTS COME FIRST. And, from our experience, we know that CSE preparation is not an end in itself. Students choose CSE as a means to fulfill their career and long term life goals. We are committed to partnering with students to help them make the right Preparatory choices which help them reach their long-term goals.  We offer quality, exam focused education and guidance to enable every deserving individual match aspirations with career goals.



  • To provide quality teaching as desired by upsc.
  • To develop amongst our students a competitive attitude towards the exam with the help of quality teaching and individual attention.
  • Our mission is to demystify the IAS exam and help candidates to acquire confidence and competence to emerge successful.
  • We make sure that your IAS preparation journey reaches the true destination.

Name of students who have qualified UPSC Mains 2019 (12 of 18):

                   NAME                                                     Roll No

  1. SUJATA AGRAWAL                                0859102
  2. VIVEKANAND                                          6303151
  4. PRATISH SINGH                                   0851561
  5. SANJITA MOHAPATRA                       0712529
  6. SHUBHANSHU DWIVEDI                  0821266
  7. AMANDEEP                                         6314620
  9. ABHISHEK KUMAR                             0825480
  10. ANIKET KUMAR                                   0874855
  11. SAMIR KUMAR SINGH                       5901001
  12. RAKESH RANJAN ORAON                4105458