Sociology 500+ test series will start from 24 June 2024.
It's FREE for all UPSC Mains 2024 writing candidates with Sociology Optional.

Total 10 tests (8 sectional + 2 full length ).
Based on UPSC pattern..
All tests will be of 3 hrs and 250 marks.
There will be detailed discussion of each test by Ritesh sir.
Students will come to know what to write and how much to write to fetch 300+ Marks in Sociology.
Tests schedule is given below:



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At Topper IAS, we understand that learning goes beyond mere accumulation of knowledge. It involves critical thinking, problem-solving, and application of concepts in real-life scenarios. Our sociology test series aims to cultivate these essential skills and instill a deep understanding of sociology optional

Our main motive with sociology test series remains to provide students with all the means which they can utilize to form analytical and scoring answers for all kinds of questions.

Our tests are meticulously designed to replicate the exam environment, providing you with an authentic experience. By familiarizing yourself with the exam structure, time constraints, and question types, you will feel more confident and better prepared on the actual test day.


Why Choose our Sociology 500+ Test Series?


Topper IAS is delighted to present the comprehensive sociology test series which is designed to help you achieve your academic goals with confidence and success. With a firm belief in the power of practice, our sociology test series provides a robust platform for students to assess their knowledge, identify areas for improvement, and excel in their educational pursuits.

Let’s explore the various advantages of choosing our Sociology optional test series specifically tailored for the sociology optional subject in UPSC:

  • A thorough and complete coverage of the syllabus
  • Simulating Exam Environment
  • Feedback and Performance Analysis
  • Exposure to Diverse set of Questions
  • Detailed Classroom Test Discussion
  • Healthy Competition
  • Regular Updates and Current Affair Integration

Introducing Sociology 500+ Test Series

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new test series specifically designed for the UPSC Sociology Optional subject. Aspirants preparing for the prestigious UPSC examination often face challenges in choosing the right study material and practice resources for their optional subject. Our comprehensive test series aims to bridge this gap by providing an effective and tailored platform for aspirants to enhance their preparation and achieve remarkable results in sociology. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of our newly rolled out sociology test series for UPSC Sociology Optional.



  • Mode: Online and Offline
  • Duration: 3 Hours For Each Test
  • (Flexibility in appearing for test is granted to all students.)
  • Evaluation: Within 10 Days of the copy submission

For any other query either Call or Whatsapp Ritesh Sir directly at: 977 3636 100



The sociology optional preparation program's second and the most important step is the sociology 500+ Test series.

The first stage of preparation was the sociology foundation course, which provided students a very solid foundation by providing complete conceptual clarity and 100% coverage of the syllabus.

Our Sociology Test Series covers the entire Sociology Syllabus in a question-answer format with the goal of giving students' preparation an additional boost through thorough answer writing and in-depth discussion of more than 500 questions so that they can successfully answer any question on the UPSC exam and score more than 300 Marks.

The goal of this course is for students to be able to produce analytical responses to questions that are both traditional and modern in nature in order to attain the highest marks in the sociology optional and therefore secure desired career goals.



A deeper look at the sociology curriculum and exam questions makes it abundantly evident that there are two main categories of topics: static and dynamic. About 70% of the issues fall into the first category, which are those with a well-established scope, a stable syllabus, and little dynamism. This makes preparing for these topics quite simple.

The second set of topics makes up around 30% of the curriculum. Although they are relatively few in number, these types of themes account for the majority of questions in sociology paper II, and because they are dynamic, they can be a little challenging to prepare for. This is primarily due to these topics' nebulous nature and broad range. Here, questions primarily are of the GS variety and are posed with the instruction to "write your answer with SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE."

Additionally, UPSC frequently does not confine itself to the limits of the syllabus. They frequently pose questions that are not covered in the syllabus or are extremely ambiguous.

Prior to 2008, the majority group of static type questions which are also straightforward accounted for over 90% of the exam questions. This made things easy for both students and coaching organizations. The majority of the exam questions came from the subject areas that these tutoring facilities offer.

However, the nature of questions from the first group of topics has changed significantly since 2008 and has become more analytical, contemporary, and demanding. A significant portion of questions now come from the second category, the dynamic type, which can be a little challenging to prepare for.

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Why Join Topper IAS Sociology Test Series?

We at Toppers IAS are well aware of the aforementioned changes and have designed a 500+ test series program for our sociology foundation batch students keeping these advancements in mind.

This course is created by Ritesh sir with the current standards in mind. Through the Sociology 500+ Program, Ritesh Sir strives to fully address both of the aforementioned categories of questions.

The goal of this course is to cover the complete sociology curriculum in a question-answer format so that, no matter what questions the UPSC asks, our students will be able to manage them with ease, provide thoughtful responses, and ultimately earn the highest sociology grades and be picked with the highest ranks.



In addition to giving students modular and comprehensive assessments, we also monitor their progress and keep them on their toes.

In recent years, our record of choices from the civil services test has been great percentage-wise.

In 2018, Lakshay Pandey received 316 Marks in sociology, was chosen, and is now the Asst. Commissioner of Police for the Delhi Police.

In 2019, out of the 18 candidates who took the main exam, 12 qualified for the personality test. Out of those, 4 achieved final selection, Sanjita Mohapatra was ultimately chosen and earned the top overall rank with sociology as an optional.

In 2021, Gamini Singla secured an overall All India Rank 3.

Our students are reassured that this is only the beginning at this point. We won't give up striving for our pupils' final achievement.

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Sociology Optional: Selected Students Testimonials

  • Sociology is a very interesting optional. It gives a unique perspective to see society and Ritesh sir has a very long background in sociology. He has done great research for the purpose of teaching sociology optional. He has a very vast, highly enriched and unique repository of contents to offer to his students. Also the quality of questions in test series was very good and it was very helpful for me to secure this 10th rank in CSE.

    Sanjita Mohapatra(IAS)
    AIR-10, CSE-2019
  • Ritesh sir is an excellent teacher when you look from the quality of content he provides to his student. My quality of answers really improved because I followed his lectures and discussions religiously. Ritesh sir gave me new perspective and insight to evaluate the things from sociological perspectives. Also sir provided me personal mentoring and guided me really well. I was in constant touch with him throughout my preparation. I would really thank Ritesh sir for mentoring me personally.

    Gamini Singla (IAS)
    AIR-3, CSE-2021
  • I want to thank Ritesh sir and Toppers IAS for helping with my sociology optional preparation. I am a civil engineer and a management post-graduate, no any background in sociology. I joined sociology foundation class of Ritesh sir and sir made sure that my journey of studying a new subject altogether was extremely smooth. Throughout my upsc journey Ritesh sir was always there to teach and guide me. He is very humble, responsive and directly approachable.

    Anand Malhotra (IAS)
    AIR-67, CSE-2021
  • Ritesh sir is an amazing teacher having vast knowledge and experience in the field of teaching sociology optional. He makes sociology very interesting, easy to understand and relate it with contemporary development. Also because of his personal mentoring I was able to clear this exam in my very first attempt. Thank you sir.

    Shubham Nokhwal (IAS),
    AIR-321, CSE-2022